Thomson UD9 55TH1000 Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart TV Review The latest entrant in the budget smart TV category can give Xiaomi's Mi TV a run for its money


INDIA IS seeing a boom in the Smart TV space and there are plenty of budget television options to choose from.

From Sanyo to Blaupunkt and from Kodak to even Xiaomi, companies from all over the world are fighting for a share of the smart TV segment in India.

Xiaomi recently went on to claim that their MiTV is one of the highest selling smart TVs in the country though we would argue that Xiaomi MiTV isn’t a complete smart TV.

For instance, the Patch OS that the company uses is limited to just a handful of apps for streaming and content and the IR (infrared) remote is just a fancy gimmick.

However, there are companies like Kodak that are working towards providing a near complete smart TV ecosystem. A recent entrant in the Indian market is Thomson with its UD9 range of UHD 4K Smart TVs.

They are pocket-friendly and almost give you an LG, Sony or a Samsung-like smart TV experience.

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What is a budget Smart TV?

Simply put, think of an LG OLED or a Samsung QLED smart TV like an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy Note 9. They do the job, are powerful, premium and offer great build quality and usability.

Budget smart TVs are like budget phones that offer usability, practicality, near UHD imaging but at a more economical price. Even smartphone companies are moving towards making affordable smart TVs for consumers.

There are also new entrants in the market like Blaupunkt and Thomson that are offering exceptional value for money smart TV options.

In this review, we tell you about the Thomson UD9 55TH1000 Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart TV that’s available on e-commerce platforms at a price point of Rs 39,999.

As most of these smart TVs are not yet readily available on offline retail channels, we hope to tell you about our experience with the UD9 55TH1000.

What Does It Offer and How Is It?

The Thomson UD9 55TH1000 Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart TV is a 55-inch television with a 10 mm bezel. It’s not as thin as the Xiaomi MiTV but is good enough to be placed on a tabletop or mounted on a wall.

The UD9 55TH1000 has a simple design with black panelling and a 140cm big display. It is very easy to install if you’re placing it on a table. However, you’ll need someone from the service centre to wall mount the television.

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The TV has a Samsung panel and offers an Ultra HD resolution of 3840×2160. The blacks are decent but not as good a high-end smart TV but definitely better than what you get on a Xiaomi television.

The UD9 55TH1000 is also capable of producing a near accurate reproduction of light and dark shades and comes with HDR10 and HLG content support.

The tv has a standard refresh rate of 60Hz which is decent enough to ensure that you do not get blurry images. The display offers vivid colours and great viewing angles when viewing HD content.

There are also seven picture modes for users to choose from – Standard, User, Lightness, Soft, Vivid, Natural and Sports. The display also offers Standard, Warm and Cool colour options.

Coming to the audio, we weren’t impressed with the sound levels. There is no intelligent sound option to maintain the output level. This means that would constantly have to adjust the volume on the remote.

The TV comes with a 20W speaker output which works well in a bedroom but not so much in a larger space like the living room. We would recommendation investing in a surround sound system for a better experience.

There are five sound modes – Standard, USER, Music, Movie and Sports but there is only a slight difference between them. Also, the surround sound mode feels more like an amplified sound experience on the UD9 55TH1000.

The television comes with three HDMI ports allowing you to plug in a set-top box, media streaming devices such as the Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick and Google Chromcast, and gaming consoles like a PlayStation or an Xbox. In addition, there are two USB ports with component connectors and a VGA port.

The UD9 55TH1000 has a power requirement of 220V AC, 50Hz and usually consumes a maximum power of 145W which can be further reduced with the help of inbuilt power saver mode. So, this is a smart TV that will also be light on your pocket in terms of electricity consumption.

So, these were the basic specifications of the Thomson UD9 55TH1000. Now lets come to the smart part.

The Thomson UD9 55TH1000 is powered by a 64-bit dual-core processor, which has a 1.2 GHz CPU, an ARM GPU and 1GB RAM. There is also 8GB of internal memory for media files on the UD9 55TH1000.

Thompson has used an Android-based 5.0 My Wall operating system and where it differs from Xiaomi’s Patchwall operating system is the number of apps that it has to offer.

The My Wall features trending videos in India of movies, sports, and music as soon as you switch on the TV. There is also over 10 million hours of content available in languages such as Hindi, English, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Oriya, Sinhala, Urdu and Rajasthani.

In terms of app support, the Thomson UD9 55TH1000 comes preloaded with apps such as Netflix, Youtube, Gmail, Facebook, Hotstar, Flipkart, VLC, Browser, Miracast, Linkedin, Twitter, Radioline, Spotify, BYJU’s and Skype among others. That is way more than what you get on any other affordable smart TV in India currently.

Thomson UD9 55TH1000 Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart TV

While all this might seem quite overwhelming, there is a drawback to the Thomson UD9 55TH1000 and that is its remote. For any TV, the remote is an integral part. And for any smart TV, the remote becomes even more important since most of the features can be accessed only through the remote.

Here is where players like Samsung and LG take the cake and affordable smart TVs are still lagging. Same is the case with Thomson UD9 55TH1000.

The remote does not replicate the level of quality that the TV offers. Moreover, the overall build quality appears to be a little flimsy. The up-down-left-right keys function really well but the moment you switch to the mouse mode, you’ll struggle while selecting something on the screen or even during a simple YouTube/Netflix search.

This is something Thomson seriously needs to work on improving.


Overall, the Thomson UD9 55TH1000 at Rs 39,999 is a smart TV that we would rate even better than the Xiaomi MiTV simply because it offers more smart capabilities than what you get on a MiTV.

However, the pain point still remains the remote which Xiaomi has a done a better job with. If you are looking for a fully functional smart TV which measures at 55-inch and in a budget, then the Thomson UD9 55TH1000 is highly recommended.


Picture Quality
Support for Apps
Netflix/Amazon Prime/HotStar
HDR 10 Capability


Sound Output
Remote Control




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