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This AI App by Microsoft On Your iPhone Can Now Detect Indian Currency Seeing AI app is developed by Microsoft and can now identify Indian Currency


ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) is the buzzword for the consumer tech industry in 2018. Many app developers are working on iOS and Android platforms to make AI apps for daily use.

One such app is ‘Seeing AI’.

Apple’s June WWDC event focused on how AI will bring in the next tectonic shift in the consumer tech industry and the Seeing AI app seems to be right on the money, literally.

The latest update to Seeing AI brings new capabilities to the image recognition and narration app. Seeing AI can now detect Indian currency and narrate the denomination to the users. The app identifies all the notes in circulation including the new currency bills issued post demonetisation.

Currency bills are particularly challenging to identify, as they come in different sizes and textures, and are often modified by the government. With the latest addition of Indian rupee detection, the app now supports five different currencies, including euros, US and Canadian dollars and British pounds.

Seeing AI is currently available on the iOS App Store in 56 countries including India. Since its launch in July 2017, the app has completed over 5 million tasks for 30,000 monthly active users.

Designed for users with visual impairment, Seeing AI combines artificial intelligence and rich computer vision to narrate the world around users in real-time. By describing surrounding people, text, objects, colours, and currencies, Seeing AI serves as an example of how inclusive technology empowers people of all abilities.

People who are blind or have low vision are known to fold these notes up into different shapes to be able to recognize and use them when needed, though still require means to differentiate denominations. Seeing AI brings this recognition power to such users.

Ironically the app is made by Microsoft for Apple iPhone users and will consume 281.2MB of space on your iPhone. It is also available for free to download on your iPhones and iPads.




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