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Create Amazing DIY Projects With This ‘Electric Paint’ The carbon-based paint can replace traditional wiring and can be used to create touch-sensitive products


LONDON-BASED  startup, Bare Conductive, has created a paint that can conduct electricity. The non-toxic, carbon-based paint can be used on a variety of surfaces like paper, plastic, wood and even fabric. This can also be used to made touch-sensitive and interactive products such as lamps and art installations.

The company has also created several starter kits that can be used to create a variety of products. The most popular kit is the Electric Paint Lamp Kit. This is a DIY kit which contains all the elements required to make to an electric paper lamp.

The kit comes with a circuit board, six LED lights, a micro USB plug and the conductive paint. The paint facilitates the touch-sensitive on-off feature and can also be used to build a dimmer and proximity sensor.

Another popular product is the Touch Board Pro Kit. This allows the user to create touch-based, interactive artwork. Denver-based visual artist Thomas Evans aka Detour has extensively used the Touch Board to combine visual and musical expression on canvas. This allows the viewers to interact with the painting.




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