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Easyfone Grand at Rs 3,999 is Custom Made For Senior Citizens Easyfone Grand is available on Amazon and Flipkart for sale by


SENIORWORLD.COM, a company focused on senior citizens has forayed into the phone market that’s focused towards senior citizens. The company has launched a phone called Easyfone Grand, that’s custom made for senior citizens. Easyfone Grand is priced at Rs 3,999 and is available on e-commerce platforms like Flipkart and Amazon. The company says that the device offers a new range of solutions to help seniors stay safe, connected and more engaged with their loved ones.

The Easyfone Grand is a phone which comes with unique technology that amplifies sound – whether it is phone conversations or even while watching TV etc. This feature is a solution for seniors who need hearing assistance but do not feel the need to wear hearing aids. The device also comes with special earphones that also amplify sound for calls. Other features include a photo dialling feature, Keypress for dialling favourite contacts, SOS (Emergency help) button, separate side key for volume, torch, locking/unlocking the phone and a cradle charger for easy charging.

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Users of Easyfone Grand can also customise the menu to minimize the unnecessary apps, that helps in maximising the ease of use. Users can also manage the phone settings remotely and there is even an in-built FM radio on the device. The device offers quad-band connectivity and a large front screen with big button layout. There is also a feature on the device to set reminders for medicines, gym etc.

Our new solutions are a testimony of our commitment to bring world-class innovative products and services that marry the best of simplicity and technology to enhance the quality of life of our beloved elders. We will be launching more such solutions and services in the coming year to cater to the different needs of our customers.

– Rahul Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO,

As a part of’s telecare solutions, the Easyfone brand is to suit the different needs, budgets and style requirements for seniors. The new range comprising of Easyfone-grand, Easyfone Royale and Easyfone elite leverages the best of the first Easyfone model which has over 20 senior-friendly features and builds upon it by adding some very unique and innovative features & services that have not been seen in India before.



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