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Dyson Cyclone V10 Cord-free Vacuum Cleaner Launched in India Dyson Launched the Cyclone V10 Cord-free Vacuum Cleaner in India at Rs 44,900


DYSON announced the launch of clean-Home technology in India with the launch of the cord-free Cyclone V10 vacuum cleaner. The Dyson V10 is priced at Rs 44,900 and is built around Dyson’s own V10 digital motor.

The V10 motor, according to Dyson, allowed its engineers to rotate the cyclones and the bin assembly through 90-degrees into an in-line configuration. The resulting ‘Lenora airflow path’ helped them to achieve improved suction capabilities for better hidden-dust cleaning.

Dyson V10 also offers constant suction power with Cyclone technology, in which m14 cyclones motors are precisely arranged around the central axis of the machine. This allows the Cyclone V10 to have an airflow inside each Cyclone to travel at up to 190 Km/h generating an overall 79,000G, that separates ultra-fine dust particles up to a size of 1 micron.

Both pre and post-motor filters are one sealed unit that improves filter action process on dust particles.

As the Dyson Cyclone V10 is a cord-free vacuum cleaner, the battery is one of the main focus areas and the company says that the cleaner can be used up to 60 minutes after a full charge.

There are two motorised cleaner heads offered with the Cyclone V10, one for carpet and one for hard floors. In addition, there are 7 other tools for cleaning other surfaces like sofas, upholstery, mattress, books and crevices.

The Cyclone V10 comes with a two-year warranty on parts and labour and the company has also tied up with a couple of banks that will offer zero cost EMI for consumers.




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