Realme 2 Review: The Real Deal That’s Premium in a Budget The Realme 2 is priced at Rs 8,990 for the 3GB RAM/32GB variant and Rs 10,990 for the 4GB RAM/64GB model


OPPO’s online-only brand Realme was launched in India earlier this year and the company has launched its second phone, unimaginatively named Realme 2. We have been using this device for a while now and here’s what we think about it.

Design And Display

Realme phones are unique since they break away from the traditional flat-back design and have a diamond-section pattern. The Realme 2 offers this in Diamond Red, Diamond Blue and Diamond Black colours.

Realme 2 Review: The Real Deal That’s Premium and In a Budget

We had the Diamond Red Realme 2 for review. The diamond-cut look on the phone is achieved using a combination of nanoscale composite material and a 2.5D glass-like material which offers a variety of shades under different lighting.

The shiny back is prone to micro-scratches and fingerprint smudges. To help combat that the company has included a clear silicone case in the box.

Though the company claims they use multiple laminated layers that are scratch resistant, we’re not entirely convinced that it will make the phone scratch-proof.

Apart from the diamond-cut finish, the device looks like most phones on the market. The back features an oval-shaped fingerprint sensor and a horizontally-placed dual-camera with chrome edges. The camera module protrudes slightly but is well protected by the chrome ring.

Realme 2

The Realme 2 has a 19:9 aspect ratio display and comes with an iPhone X-like notch. The display size is a massive 6.2-inches with a 1520×720 pixel resolution and a pixel density of 271 ppi.

The display offers crisp detailing in terms of user interface and is bright enough for outdoor usage. It has an 88.8% screen-to-body ratio and 2.05mm ultra-narrow bezels, giving an almost bezel-less experience.

The display supports screen recording and screenshot and is great for streaming content on Netflix and Amazon Prime. The gaming experience on the Realme 2 is also quite good considering the 6.2-inches of real estate space that’s on offer.

Features like Reply to SMS, WhatsApp and Messenger can be accessed using a quick split screen on the notched area, allowing for easy multitasking.

Specifications and Performance

The Realme 2 comes loaded with a 1.8 GHz Qualcomm 450 octa-core processor made with a 14nm process. The processor was designed to facilitate increased battery life and low power consumption.

The phone comes with two RAM options–3GB and 4GB.  The device that we tested came with 4GB RAM and is capable of running graphics heavy games. It houses a dual-core ISP (image signal processor) and a decent GPU that gives a smooth frame rate while using graphic-intensive apps.

The Qualcomm 450 mobile platform is tried and tested for this price range.

The Realme 2 is also targeting gamers as it comes with a built-in “game space” that is automatically activated in the background after a game is loaded. This helps the user with things like one-tap management of game apps.

The phone also optimises the background network and resource allocation and limits some of the functions as it detects that a game is running. It also has the Do-Not-Disturb feature that blocks calls and banner notification from other apps and receives voice calls from apps as banners.

On paper, these features are good for playing light and medium intensity games. However, the device tends to heat up when you play a game for a long time.

We played a first-person shooter game on the Realme 2 for about an hour. The device became quite hot and was difficult to continue playing for over an hour though the phone’s performance didn’t slip one bit.

The Realme 2 offers 64GB of storage space and the usable space a little shy of 50GB. The device runs on Colour OS version 5.1 on top of Android Oreo and comes with a clean user interface. It does not have the option of an app-drawer but all the apps are right off the display for easy access.

The sound quality on the device is also quite reasonable and clear. As Realme 2 is a dual-SIM device it also offers users a dual 4G and dual Volte and allows you to make phone calls while surfing the Internet. This is a function that’s specific to India.

The phone also has a provision for Clone Apps on the device. Cloning of apps basically gives users an option to use two social media accounts or WhatsApp accounts on a single device without switching.

People who use two SIM cards will find this feature quite useful on the Realme 2.

The Color OS also offers features like an AI board that appears when you swipe left on the Home Screen. This is a quick information board where it shows users travel information based on email and SMSes.

It can also keep track of the number of steps taken while carrying the phone. This AI feature is also the basic minimum that the company provides with the Realme 2 and it works well.


Like many smartphones this year, the Realme 2 also sports a dual-camera setup with a 13MP+2MP camera module. The aperture size of the 13MP module is measured at f/2.2 and the 2MP sensor offers a f/2.4 aperture.

The camera is capable of recording videos in 1080p and 720p. Like many Chinese smartphones released this year, the Realme 2 comes with features like AI Beautification 2.0, front camera HDR and a Bokeh mode.

The image quality is good for uploading on social media and has average detailing and sharpness. When compared with Xiaomi Redmi devices, the image quality is better.

However, don’t expect to get the same image quality as that on flagship Samsung and Apple devices.

For selfies, the 8MP sensor with an aperture size of f/2.2 delivers on the money and people who like to post Instagram stories will be happy with the front camera.

The Realme 2 offers a decent camera experience. The camera app interface is very similar to the one you get on an Apple iPhone.

The device also comes with 296 identification points which provide a more personalised beautification plan precisely for the users face. The beauty mode not only works its software magic on the face of the subject but also on the body and limbs simultaneously.

The AI algorithm is also pretty basic as it is capable of detecting the gender in the same photo to generate personalized beautification according to different genders.

There are up to 6 preloaded levels of beautification effect and AR Stickers that can be used for Instagram or Facebook stories. These AI features work smoothly and are quite basic for a device like this.


The Realme 2 comes with a large 4230 mAh battery that’s quite amazing. It has a USB Type-A port that also doubles up as a port for data transfer.

While testing, the device lasted us a day and a half. The usage included light gaming, calls, Whatsapp usage and a single movie streaming on Amazon Prime.

This is also because the battery management system on the device works really well. Like many smartphone makers in 2018, Realme also claims that the Realme 2 comes with “AI Power Manager” which optimises the working of apps for power consumption and controls the number of processor cores called into action to avoid power wastage.

This basically works with an APP-freezing Power Saver that smartly restricts apps running in the background to reduce overall power consumption and extend battery life. This function can also be manually adjusted by the user.


The Realme 2 comes with almost everything that you can think of in 2018 when it comes to securing your data. The device apart from the regular, pin, pattern, password unlocking mechanism, adds a fingerprint unlocking mechanism to it.

The fingerprint sensor is quite quick and is good for a budget device such as this one. There is also AI Face recognition unlock on the Realme 2 that while setting up captures 128 face identification points. This also works well and is also quite fast for a phone like this.

The face recognition isn’t very good in low light and struggles to unlock the phone. To use it in low light conditions, one has to keep the screen brightness at maximum.

It also has a Smart Unlock feature. This basically records and identifies the locations where the user visits the most frequently and marks them as trusted places, where the phone will be unlocked automatically, such as at home.

This can be a little scary as well since you don’t always want the device to unlock when someone else picks it up at these places.


For a budget device that weighs 168 grams and offers a quite premium design language, the Realme 2 is a great upgrade over the previous device that the company launched earlier this year.

The Realme 2 competes with the Redmi devices by Xiaomi. So, if you need a phone that offers a good build quality, decent camera, a great battery and promises to be always available in stock, you can look to buy the Realme 2.

The Realme 2 is priced at Rs 8,990 (3GB + 32GB) and Rs 10,990 (4Gb + 64GB).




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