Nokia 6.1 Plus Review: The Perfect Android One Phone For You Nokia 6.1 Plus is a phone that you just can’t ignore if you are in the market for a stock Android smartphone under ₹20,000


HMD GLOBAL, which is the house of Nokia phones now, recently launched the Nokia 6.1 Plus in India for ₹15,999.

This is a phone that’s continuing the theme of Nokia’s obsession with stock android phones in 2018 and there are no prizes for guessing that this is an Android One device.

The timing of the launch of this phone by Nokia couldn’t be more perfect as Xiaomi recently launched their Mi A2 in the country.

So, there are the two stock android phones that will compete with each other as the summer of 2018 comes to an end.

Is it then worth buying the Nokia 6.1 Plus as your next budget Android phone and is it better than the Mi A2?

We answer all these questions in this review.


Nokia 6.1 Plus is a safe phone as it does not try to do anything fancy when it comes to the design department.

The phone sports a big display with a notch on top, a near bezel-less experience and a glossy glass back panel. The device appears to be fragile but is quite sturdy.

At the back, you get centrally aligned dual-camera modules and also a fingerprint sensor.

Due to the shiny back panel, it is prone to fingerprint smudges, micro-scratches and would need extra care from its user if they don’t plan to put it in a case.

Mostly it looks like many other android smartphones out there in the market. You also get a 3.5mm audio jack on this device which Xiaomi completely ignored on their Android One phone.


Nokia has been constantly working on the display of their devices. We thought that the screen on the Nokia 7 Plus was not that bright but the one you get on a phone that’s priced way less offers quite a bright and crisp display.

The Nokia 6.1 Plus, as the name suggests, offers a display that’s just shy of 6-inches and measures at 5.8-inch. It does have an iPhone X like notch on top with bezels that are nearly invisible.

This is a full HD+ display with an aspect ratio of 19:9 that fits in with the theme of 2018 phones.

The protection on the display is delivered by Corning with their Gorilla Glass 3 and the screen is made of 2.5D curved glass.

So in terms of sheer value, the display seems to have it all. The viewing angles and sunlight legibility on this device gave us nothing to complain about.

We enjoyed streaming content from Netflix and Amazon Prime on this device, and the gaming experience with PUBG and Real Racing was also quite immersive and realistic.

Processor and Performance

The Nokia 6.1 Plus comes with Qualcomm’s latest mobile platform the Snapdragon 636 SoC. This is quite powerful when compared to the Snapdragon 630 platform that’s offered on the Mi A2 by Xiaomi.

To put things in perspective, the Snapdragon 636 comes with a promise of 40% higher performance than the Snapdragon 630 due to a Kyro 260 CPU.

The SDM636 is also integrated with a Qualcomm’s own X12 LTE modem that promises support for download speeds up to 600mbps and upload speeds of 150mbps.

Coupled with this powerful processor you also get 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage that can be further expanded up to 400GB with the help of a microSD card slot.

As the device is an Android One phone, it guarantees the latest Android operating system which includes 2 years of Android ‘letter’ upgrades and 3 years of monthly security updates.

Out-of-the-box, the device comes with Android 8.1 Oreo OS and Android Pie will be rolled out on the device very soon. The stock Android also makes the device appear clean and easy to use.

In terms of performance, the phone has no hiccups or hang-ups at all. Be it multitasking or gaming, the Nokia 6.1 Plus is a smooth performing device.

The power management on the device is also well done by Nokia on the 6.1 Plus and we can easily say that in terms of user experience and performance, we loved this device.

For gamers, there is a definitive advantage, simply because of a large display and the power packed processor.

Many might say that 4GB of RAM is less for a device like this, but it’s really hard to use up all of it even if you try opening multiple apps, stream content or play games on it all day long with constant switching.

The device also offers a fingerprint sensor that’s quite responsive and can also double up as a shutter release button for users while clicking selfies.

There is also LTE cat.4 network speed support on the device along with dual-SIM connectivity.


Nokia 6.1 Plus offers a dual-camera setup with a dual-LED flash at the back. The device houses a 16-megapixel camera with f/2.0 and a 5-megapixel camera with f/2.4.

Seen first on the Nokia 8, the Nokia 6.1 Plus also comes with a dual-sight camera mode where users can simultaneously click photos from both the front and rear camera.

Direct live streaming options on Facebook and YouTube are also integrated inside the camera app of the Nokia 6.1 Plus.

There are various modes on the camera app of the Nokia 6.1 Plus like, manual and bokeh mode. Bokeh mode enables you to capture images with the depth of field effect or as many like to call it, the portrait mode.

The regular images of the Nokia 6.1 Plus appear to be a little saturated and have a warm tone to them. This is also due to the AI enhancements that the phone tries to do when clicking in auto mode.

For more professional and realistic images, we would suggest you use manual mode but most users are not comfortable with it.

Bokeh imaging on this device was quite impressive with sharp focus and well-detailed edges around the subject. The device is also capable of shooting videos in 1080p that just offer a decent output.

The front camera on the Nokia 6.1 Plus offers a 16-megapixel sensor with capabilities of portrait selfies that are quite crisp and well detailed.

For selfie lovers, the front camera on the Nokia 6.1 Plus will do the job right, every time. Overall, the camera on the Nokia 6.1 Plus is slightly above average at best.

People who love to post images on social media would not be disappointed but for those who want a little extra from the camera might not enjoy the experience much.

Here is that one area where the Xiaomi Mi A2 scores over the Nokia 6.1 Plus when it comes to the Android One Experience.


The Nokia 6.1 Plus comes with a 3060 mAh battery that Nokia promises will offer a talk time up to 20.5 hours and also a 9-hour video loop endurance.

But sadly due to that big display and a powerful mobile platform and despite all the battery management that the Nokia 6.1 Plus promises, it just lasts a day.

We saw severe battery depletion while playing PUBG on the device for a couple of hours and then the device just struggled to last us a day.

So, if you plan to game a lot on this phone, make sure you carry a charger or a power bank with you. For non-gamers, the battery easily lasts a day.

The battery can be powered up via a USB Type-C port on this phone and Nokia includes a 5V/2A charger inside the box.

We were a little disappointed with the battery on this device since we love playing games on our phones but are hoping that with the Android Pie update, that issue will get resolved.


Overall, the Nokia 6.1 Plus is a phone that you just can’t ignore if you are in the market looking for a stock Android smartphone under ₹20,000.

The Nokia 6.1 Plus is that phone that has made Nokia catch up with their rivals despite having a late start in the Android phone space.

Another advantage of this phone is that you won’t have to wait for flash sales and non-availability of stocks with this one like its rivals.

With a great build quality, big display and a powerful processor, we would highly recommend the Nokia 6.1 Plus.

Nokia 6.1 Plus is offered in gloss midnight blue, gloss black and white colour options.




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