Comio X1 Review: The Red Hot Budget Phone For Rs 7,499 Comio X1 offers a Full View display with Android Oreo on a budget


COMIO, a smartphone company that’s partly homegrown, has been in the Indian market for quite some time now. The only reason you don’t hear about it much is that they believe in an offline strategy, contrary to many tech players that believe in selling smartphones online.

Their latest offering in the Indian market post the X1 Note is the Comio X1 that is priced at Rs 7,499.

This is a phone that falls in the category of a budget device for those who want to upgrade from a feature phone and that can be easily bought without the hassle of any f-codes or flash sales.

We have been using the Comio X1 for quite a while now and here’s what we think about it.


Comio X1 comes in three colour options in India, black, champagne gold and red. The red is obviously the one to go for. That’s also one of the reasons Comio has made the red variant of the X1 more readily available than the black version.

It has a unibody design and sports a metal back with the fingerprint sensor and camera module aligned at the central line of the phone.

Comio X1 is offered in a red colour in India
Comio X1 is offered in a red colour in India.

The device comes with a 5.5-inch display and has a very handy design to it. There is a camera bump at the back, but the seamless design integration of it makes it look stylish and you won’t mind it at all.

Overall, it’s a practically designed smartphone that’s sturdy and has a premium look, all thanks to the red.


The Comio X1 is one of the few phones under Rs 10,000 in India that comes with a Full View display. It sports a 5.5-inch display that’s quite bright and offers an HD+ resolution.

The sunlight legibility, as well as the viewing angles, are great on this phone compared to other phones in the same price range.

Comio X1 sports an HD+ 5.5-Inch Full View display
Comio X1 sports an HD+ 5.5-Inch Full View display.

One might even mistake the Comio X1 for a Rs 15,000 phone as the display compliments the design quality of the device. Though it’s not a completely bezel-less display, it sure has a premium feel to it.

Specifications & Performance

The Comio X1 is not a slacker when it comes to performance.

It runs on Android Oreo operating system and is powered by a 64-bit, 1.28 GHz quad-core processor that’s backed by 2GB RAM. The internal storage is just 16GB and the available storage for a user is 11GB.

But the beauty of this device is that it comes with three card slots.

You get a dual-sim tray for dual-network capability and Comio also ensures that you have a separate slot for the micro-SD card allowing you to expand the storage on the device.

It’s amazing to see a company not cutting corners in offering a hybrid SIM-tray and giving users a full package and freedom to use a budget device as they please.

Comio X1 is priced at rs 7,999 in India
Comio X1 is priced at Rs 7,499 in India.

There is also OTG support and a 3050 mAh battery that lasts a day. The battery can be charged using a USB Type-A connector (Micro USB). However, it does not support fast charging.

Comio also offers support for 22 regional languages on this device.

The phone offers a decent performance and can multitask with ease. Light gaming is also not much of a problem, but games like PUBG do tend to be a little too much for the Comio X1.

What I liked personally was that even while playing PUBG the device did not show any signs of lags and did not heat up.

The Android Oreo integration is also seamless on the device and as a first phone for a feature phone user, the Comio X1 will make a lot of sense.


The phone comes with a single 13-megapixel camera at the back that offers auto-focus and an LED flash. The images taken during the day were quite good and full of details.

For people who want to upload images to social media, the device won’t disappoint at all. The video recording support is only up to 1080p on the X1.

Comio X1 offers a 13Mp camera with AF and LED flash
Comio X1 offers a 13MP camera with AF and LED flash.

The camera app on the device offers various modes like beauty, ‘face cute’, and bokeh.

Comio has again proven that you really don’t need a dual-camera setup to click bokeh images. The bokeh or the depth of field effect that this device generates is also quite good and detailed.

For selfies, the Comio X1 offers an 8-megapixel camera front camera that also comes with a front-facing flash to click selfies in low light. The selfies are quite detailed and upload worthy.

The X1 also offers a portrait selfie mode for bokeh selfies.

For selfies you get an 8MP front camera with a flash on the comio X1
For selfies, you get an 8MP front camera with a flash on the comio X1.

To top it all, the camera app also offers AR stickers for users to play around with while clicking images.

We have hardly seen many phones under Rs 10,000 offering AR capabilities and people who love to Instagram would definitely love the X1 experience.

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The Comio X1 is not a phone that you can buy online, the company really believes in the offline retail network of India and also that you need to see the device for yourself before you buy it.

One of the reasons for that could be the confidence that they have in their products.

Comio X1 also comes with a Bike mode for limited notifications and safe riding
Comio X1 also comes with a Bike mode for limited notifications and safe riding.

The Comio X1 is also no different, the device is readily available without any hassles at any retail shop near you and you can actually look at the device before you buy one.

As for convenience, the X1 also includes a transparent plastic cover and a screen protector inside the box, so that you don’t have to spend more than Rs 7,499.

Small things like these along with a seamless performance and good cameras for this price bracket makes the Comio X1 a recommendation from us.




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