Apple iPad Air 2019 Review: There is an iPad for Everyone Now Also, known as the iPad made for all, this one has some serious performance boost now.


Apple’s iPad has been the tablet to be reckoned with. Android powered tablets have not been even close to the prowess that the Apple iPad has to offer for ages now, probably the only closest thing to this tablet is the Microsoft Surface series. And now we have the Apple iPad Air 2019.

Apple is not a company that settles down when it comes to their products. The reason, why the middle child of the Apple iPad line up just got better.

Also, known as the iPad made for all, this one has some serious performance boost now. The overall design is not as fancy looking as the iPad Pro 11 or the iPad Pro 12.9, but what is has now is the power of the iPhone XS and the XS Max that will thrill you.

We have been testing the new iPad Air 2019 for a while now and here’s what we think about it. 

Alongside the Apple iPad Air, Apple also introduced the much awaited upgrade to the iPad Mini as well. But that is not an iPad that everyone fancies, since smartphones these days are offering big screens that are nearing the size of the iPad Mini. However it is also now as powerful and as the upgraded iPad Air. The major difference being the screen size.

The iPad Air 2019 features a large 10.5‑inch Retina display, and weighs just 456 grams. This makes it as portable as the outgoing model. The iPad Air 2019 also retains the Touch ID and the home button unlike the iPad Pro modes that were introduced this year. 

Apple iPad Air 2019
Apple iPad Air 2019. (Image: Siddhartha Sharma)

The iPad Air also supports Apple Pencil (1st generation) and the smart keyboard now. As seen with many Apple products over the years the new iPad Air is now thin at just 6.1 millimetres.

The 9.7-inch display iPad was quite a popular tablet among the masses, however as displays are getting bigger and better, Apple did decide to finally take the display of the new iPad Air a notch up. Over all design and aesthetics will not make you miss much of the old iPad.

One look at the new iPad Air, and you will see yourself in familiar territory. Overall the lightweight and a slightly bigger form factor does help when you are considering to spend Rs 44,900 plus for a tablet that will last you for a couple of years and may be beyond. 

Apple iPad Air features a 10.5 -inch Retina display now with a wide colour array. This also comes with Apple’s iconic True Tone display technology that automatically adjusts the white balance based on the light around the user to always make your display as visible as possible without staring your eyes.

Apple iPad Air 2019
Apple iPad Air 2019. (Image: Siddhartha Sharma)

The display technology is definitely improved and that slightly bigger size also makes you feel at ease while multitasking on the iPad Air. Since, I was in love with the iPad Pro 10.5-inch which I still think is the best iPad in terms of ergonomics, the new iPad Air just made me quite comfortable with its display size and proportions. 

The Apple iPad Air comes with the same A12 Bionic chip with Neural Engine that one might find in the Apple iPhone XS and XS Max. This just show’s how the A12 Bionic Chip is potent hardware for all display sizes. Thus, the new iPad Air offers you a lot in terms of firepower.

As it also has a Neural Engine, it uses real-time machine learning to transform your user experience completely seamless and effortless on the iPad Air. Be it multitasking, designing using an Apple Pencil or streaming your favourite shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime, the Apple iPad Air will not fail on any of your expectations. 

This is an ecosystem that also offers an unparalleled gaming experience as well. There is a 4‑core graphics engine in the A12 Bionic chip that ensures that whether you play games like Need For Speed or many of the AR games that are available on the App Store, you will always get an exceptional level of detailing and even photo-realistic effects in 3D games.

Performance was never a problem with the iPad ever, and the new iPad Air just reiterates that it will never be. In fact you’ll be seeing finding ways to make this ecosystem lag and you will eventually run out of ideas. Such is the prowess that this new iPad has to offer in the world of tablet computing.

Apple iPad Air 2019
Apple iPad Air 2019. (Image: Siddhartha Sharma)

Also, as the new iPad Air supports Apple Pencil (1st generation), the precise responsiveness and accuracy on this iPad is even better that what one would have experienced in the previous models.

This is an iPad that has the potential to offer casual doodlers and even people who like to take notes in their own handwriting on the go, fall in love with it. Users can also, take handwritten notes and convert them to text on the iPad Air. The only catch is that, you’ll have to get an Apple Pencil separately with this one. 

To top all this hardware awesomeness, the iPad Air runs on iOS 12 that’s been for someone one of the best operating system for all screen sizes with gestures that come naturally to technology enthusiasts, hence making that learning curve ever so small that the moment you fir up this iPad you’ll just know what to do to make it personalised to your taste.

Also, the App Store is another platform that offers over a million Apps hat are custom made for the iPad ecosystem, be it for your multitasking, professional, gaming or entertainment needs. 

In terms of storage the iPad Air comes in two storage options of 64GB and 256 GB. For security you get the tried and tested Touch ID.

Apple iPad’s have always been known to have cameras that are almost as good as the one’s you get on the iPhones. The Apple iPad Air is no different. It offers an 8-megapixel rear camera and a 7-megapixel FaceTime HD camera. It lets you capture images on the go, if you do not fancy your smartphone.

Moreover, the image results are quite sharp and precise as well. Casual social media image uploads is something that you would not mind the Apple iPad Air for. And that’s not all that you can do with the camera of the iPad Air. It has an Augmented reality purpose as well that you would enjoy more than just click images of this camera. 

Apple iPad Air 2019.
Apple iPad Air 2019. (Image: Siddhartha Sharma)

Augmented reality combines digital objects and information with the real world and creates new experiences right on to the screen of the iPad Air. It offers a truly immersive AR — with both the front and the back camera. In Terms of AR gaming or AR experiences the entire hardware of the iPad Pro comes into play.

The A12 Bionic chip with Neural Engine, a large, vivid display, and sensors for motion tracking work in tandem to deliver an exceptional AR experience to the user.There are also plenty of AR Apps that are available on the App Store for users to indulge into. Just check out the new Angry Birds: Isle Of Pigs and you’ll know exactly what AR can bring into your life when it comes to gaming or the endless productivity features that can be explored using AR. 

This is why, the iPad Air becomes one of the best tools to explore AR in a price that’s not over the top. Not just this, but both the cameras on the iPad Air are also capable of capturing 1080p HD videos as well. 

Connectivity and Battery
The Apple iPad Air offers Wi‑Fi speeds up to 866 Mbps and 4G LTE Advanced. In addition to this the iPad Air also comes with eSIM connectivity to access wireless data plans for the users. And yes, it does have AirDrop which is awesome for sharing files, images, voice notes and almost any document that you can think off. In terms of battery, the new Apple iPad Air still can last you easily a day if you will use it all day.

Apple iPad Air 2019
Apple iPad Air 2019. (Image: Siddhartha Sharma)

In fact Apple still says that it will last you 10 hours with ease, however since an Apple iPad usually is a secondary device, it did last us for two days on a full charge as well with moderate usage like streaming Game Of Thrones final season opener, streaming a couple of movies on Netflix, a couple of hours of gaming, reading and checking out Facebook and Twitter for latest updates and finally writing the review on the iPad Air itself.

It still had like 20% of battery life on it. So battery still remains a strong forte for Apple with the new iPad Air. 

Apple iPad Air is all that you would need for the next couple of years and even beyond. It has all the hardware that will drive the software evolution in the AR space by the developers for the next five years and can easily be called the most economical hand held big screen device that you would need for your on the go needs.

As it’s also compatible with Apple’s smart Keyboard and other Bluetooth keyboards, it also has the power to replace your laptop when you are on your next business trip. The iPad Air might be the middle child of the iPad family, but it offers the best of almost everything that the iPad range is known for. 

Apple iPad Air Price
Wi-Fi 64GB: Rs 44,900
Wi-Fi 256GB: Rs 58,900
Wi-Fi + Cellular 64GB: Rs 55,900
Wi-Fi + Cellular 256GB: Rs 69,900




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