Dhoni Stumps Twitter After Asking for the Match Ball Players usually ask for the match ball as keepsakes or trophies of significant records and even their last match


FORMER India skipper and current one-day and T20 wicketkeeper MS Dhoni left his fans worried after India’s one-day match ended against England at Leeds.

India lost the match by 8 wickets in the series-deciding third ODI, the first bilateral series defeat for Virat Kohli as captain. Set a target of 257, England won with 33 balls to spare with Joe Root hitting his second successive century.

It was England’s second consecutive win after losing the first ODI at Nottingham by 8 wickets. And a moment captured on camera after the match ended and as the players were walking off the field left everyone guessing.

Dhoni was caught by television cameras asking for the match ball from the umpires while walking back to the pavilion with skipper Kohli.

Players usually ask for the match ball as keepsakes or trophies of significant records or landmarks and often their last match, therefore this act of Dhoni was not lost on his fans.

Chatter began on Twitter speculating the reason for Dhoni’s act, some suggesting it was his way of telling his critics what he was thinking especially after he was booed by some Indian fans in the stadium during the second ODI.

Set a target of 322 at Lords, India’s chase faltered with the top order batsmen failing to stay and score. Dhoni kept one end going but managed to score 37 off 59 deliveries and India losing the match by 86 runs.

Post-match analysis by critics focused on mostly attacking Dhoni’s failure to accelerate when the ask was steep, but some also said it was unfair to single him out as it was a collective failure of the batsmen and not just Dhoni.

This forced skipper Kohli to intervene, saying it “was a bad day for everyone, not for him alone.”

Kohli defended Dhoni by saying that India needed to have wickets to chase 320. “This comes up again and again and people jump to conclusions. When he does well people call him the best finisher ever when he doesn’t they all jump on,” Kohli said.

But Dhoni’s act is being read by many as his way of telling that this was perhaps his last outing against England and many even suggesting that he may soon announce his retirement from the short and the extra-short format of the game too.

Reading Dhoni’s subtle messages or his mind has never been an art perfected on the ground by the rival teams but his taking-the-ball-act from the umpires has left many reading the tea leaves and thinking aloud.


Is that the end of the stalwart?

His last game?

No official comment

No one can read his mind




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