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Woman Sues NASA for Moon Dust Gifted by Neil Armstrong A woman is suing NASA for a vial of moon dust she got as a gift from Neil Armstrong

A WOMAN is suing NASA for moon dust which she claims she got as a gift from Neil Armstrong, as reported by The Washington Post.

As a 10-year old, Laura Cicco – then known as Laura Murray – says she received a glass vial of grey dust from her mother who was very excited to have given her this gift. It was the moon, her mother told her.

Along with the vial was a note.

“To Laura Ann Murray — Best of Luck — Neil Armstrong Apollo 11.”

Laura Cinco found her childhood gift five years ago upon the death of her parents.

Last week, she sued NASA to make sure she gets to keep what belongs to her, given NASA’s history of seizing lunar material from private citizens in the past, her attorney Christopher McHugh told The Washington Post.

Cicco claims in her lawsuit that the moon dust was a gift from Armstrong, who was friends with her father, a pilot for the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II.

Armstrong and Tom Murray were both members of the Quiet Birdmen, a secretive club of male pilots, Cicco said.

There’s no law prohibiting private citizens from owning materials from the moon, her lawyer said, and Cicco is the rightful and legal owner of the moon dust. The proof being Armstrong’s handwritten note which has been authenticated by a handwriting expert, McHugh told the Washington Post.

Citing the pending lawsuit, a NASA spokeswoman said it would be “inappropriate” for the agency to comment.




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