Government and Google Tie Up to Give Flood Alerts in India CWC and Google have come together to forecast floods and issue flood alerts

WITH the advent of monsoon and the grim flood situation in parts of India, the Central Water Commission has partnered with Google to use their technology to forecast floods more accurately and communicate information efficiently to people through ‘Flood Alerts’ via Google search, app, and Maps.

The Central Water Commission is an apex body, operating under the Ministry of Water Resources, with the responsibility of control, conservation, and utilisation of water resources throughout the country.

According to the Central Water Commission (CWC), on an average 7.21 million hectares (roughly 72,000 sq km) are covered under flood water every year, and the loss of livelihood is another major cause of concern.

Chronic floods during the monsoon season cripple the daily lives of more than 30 million Indians annually.

“The initiative is likely to help crisis management agencies to deal with extreme hydrological events in a better manner. Under this agreement, the CWC and Google will share technical expertise in various fields, including geospatial mapping and analysis of hydrological observation data,” the Water Resources Ministry said in an official statement.

With more effective flood forecasts, and regular alerts helping the users avoid water clogged areas, this partnership might help save a lot of money spent on damage control and bring respite to many.




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