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Continental Showcases Its AI Camera Tech at CES Asia 2018 CES Asia 2018: Continental presented innovative solutions for safety that's powered by AI


THE CES AISA 2018 is ongoing from June 13-15 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center in China. Technology company Continental is presenting some innovative products for safety, efficiency, and vehicle networking at this years Asia chapter of CES.

The hardware and software range showcased by Continental extends from pedestrian recognition based on artificial intelligence (AI) to efficient and secure vehicle networking.

The Computer-Vision platform is one of the highlights at CES this year. The artificial intelligence behind Continental’s new camera recognizes and interprets the movements of pedestrians.

At the show floor, Continental demonstrates how AI will shape the mobility of tomorrow and also showcases the fifth generation of its multifunction cameras that rely on neural networks and smart algorithms as well as traditional computer vision processes to understand pedestrians’ intentions and gestures.

The development of the automotive industry is now no longer measured in horsepower and top speeds. It focuses on making safe, clean, intelligent, convenient mobility solutions available to users. That is why we are showcasing here at the CES Asia in Shanghai the cutting-edge technologies, solutions and services that will transport us into the future.

– Enno Tang, President and CEO of Continental China

The intelligent camera is expected to go into production by 2020. The camera stands out with its 8-megapixel resolution and the aperture angle of up to 125 degrees, both of which are used to recognize potential obstacles.

The detailed understanding of a complex traffic situation demonstrated at this years CES Asia is the basis of new advanced driver assistance functions and of automated driving.

Continental hopes that with the help of AI algorithms the future of mobility will see a system that is able to categorize its perceptions the way humans do will be able to make the right decisions in complex traffic situations.

Continental’s Computer-Vision platform calculates the state of alertness of the pedestrian as well as any gesture of the body using the images captured by the camera. This is comparable to an experienced driver who instinctively recognizes a situation as critical and prepares to brake.

Founded in 1871, Continental offers safe, efficient, intelligent and affordable solutions for vehicles, machines, traffic, and transportation. In 2017, Continental generated sales of 44 billion Euros and with more acceptance of new AI bases autonomous solutions the company hopes to stay ahead of the curve.




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