Tinder Love: Top 3 Tips for Indian Men Essentials for Indian men before you take the plunge on Tinder

Millions of men swipe right daily on dating app Tinder, hoping for romance. Some are lucky, but many have a hard time.

Especially, men in India.

“I don’t know how others do it, but it has never worked for me,” says a 38-year-old website designer in Delhi requesting anonymity. A quick look at online forums show he is not alone.

For the uninitiated: Tinder is an app that matches you up with someone of the opposite sex, based on its algorithm. The app shows you pictures of potential partners and a brief bio. If you like what you see, you swipe right. If that person also swipes right on your picture, you get a private chat window to talk to each other.

Clearly, it’s critical to make a good first-impression.

This doesn’t mean that only good-looking people can get right swiped. The key is to appear attractive in your picture and profile.

Men in India often overlook these simple requirements, according to Tinder users interviewed by OtusLive. Many upload unclear pictures, or group photos in which it is difficult to figure out who’s the man in question.

Here are three tips to put you on the road to Tinder success.

Picture Perfect
Tinder is driven by appearances

Indian men on Tinder app
Do not use photos of your outdoor adventures. Use images that show your face. (Photo: Pixabay)

Sure, ultimately you want to be loved for your personality, but first you have to get the girl interested. And that means, posting photos that flatter you.

It may even be worth it to hire a photographer to take some good shots of you, where you look comfortable, and natural.

Do include photos that show your face clearly. Some men avoid such pictures because they fear the girl will left-swipe them. But that could hurt your dating prospects.

“There is no point in hiding your face. I am going to see it anyway when I meet,” says Anuradha Vellat, a 27-year old woman living in Delhi, who was on Tinder for a year.

Vellat complained that some men published random pictures — such as that of mountains, or a sunset, or pets — which didn’t include the man whose profile she was looking at.

Remember that Tinder is not Facebook. Don’t publish too many irrelevant photos.

Instead, post pictures showcasing yourself in different situations. One picture could be of you in a smart business outfit, another from a recent holiday, and yet another of you hanging out with friends.

“This would show different sides to your personality… which works well with women,” says Rajat Mehta, a 28-year-old from Delhi who has been using Tinder for around a year. He says he has been out on dates with more than four women he met via Tinder.

Words Matter
Silence is golden, but not on Tinder

Many Indian men often don’t include personal details in their Tinder profile — and that makes women swipe left.

Use your bio as a space to give women a glimpse of your personality. Include details about your profession, hobbies, things you find interesting and things you don’t like, some Tinder users say.

When you’ve prepared your bio, ask a friend to go over your profile and give feedback

Using some humour or including a quirky detail in your bio can also catch women’s attention.

Vellat, for instance, went out on a date with a man whose bio said: ‘Main tumhare ghar ke Nietzsche khada hu, kya tum mere saath cigarette Foucault gi?’ (Loosely translated it meant: I’m standing below your home, would you like to share a smoke with me?)

Friedrich Nietzsche is a German philosopher and Michel Foucault is a French philosopher and social theorist. Vellat found this man’s bio to be quirky, and it let her know that he is interested in books, as is she.

When you’ve prepared your photos and bio, ask a friend to go over your profile and give feedback.

Take Initiative
Converse, compliment and engage her

Once you’ve got the right-swipe and have been matched with someone, be creative on how to initiate the conversation.

Don’t go with the usual ‘Hi, how are you?’

“It’s boring,” says Mehta.

Don’t treat (Tinder) as an app that will get you laid

– Anuradha Vellat

Instead, begin by paying the woman a compliment, and follow that up with a question to learn more about her preferences and tastes. This helps draw women into a conversation, says Mehta.

Scan the woman’s bio and pictures, to get an idea of what kind of a person she is, says Vellat. Women like a man who has done his homework.

Humour, puns and word-play can help a great deal when you are trying to impress a woman.

A little bit of flirting is also good, but avoid making any risqué jokes and sexual overtures right away.

“Don’t treat (Tinder) as an app that will get you laid,” warns Vellat.

(This article was contributed by Saptarishi Dutta for OtusLive.)



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