India, China Agree to Maintain Border Peace As PM Narendra Modi wrapped up China visit, the two neighbours agreed to maintain border peace


PRIME MINISTER Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping agreed to strengthen communication between their militaries to ensure peace at the border, an Indian government statement said at the end of their two-day informal summit held at Wuhan, China.

“The two leaders underscored the importance of maintaining peace and tranquillity in all areas of the India-China border region in the larger interest of the overall development of bilateral relations,” the statement said.

“To this end, they issued strategic guidance to their respective militaries to strengthen communication in order to build trust and mutual understanding and enhance predictability and effectiveness in the management of border affairs.”

The talks were held in the shadows of a recent intense standoff at the Himalayan border in Doklam after India accused China of constructing a road in the disputed territory.

China and India are the world’s most populous and second-most nations respectively, the world’s second-largest and the sixth-largest economy and between them possess a substantial arsenal of nuclear warheads.

China has been an aggressive player in the region and its significant influence over India’s neighbours has often led to sticky situations like the recent political tussle in the Maldives. China’s Belt and Road Initiative has also been a niggling thorn for India.

Prime Minister Modi and President Xi underlined that as two major countries India and China have wider and overlapping regional and global interests


Both nations also “recognised the common threat posed by terrorism, and reiterated their strong condemnation of and resolute opposition to terrorism in all its forms and manifestations”, the statement said.

A flurry of meetings and one-to-one interactions between the two leaders in the past 24 hours included a museum visit, a walk, a tea ceremony, a boat ride, and lunch. Modi and Xi were often seen interacting accompanied only by their interpreters.

The informal tone of the high-stakes summit was meant to improve ties and cooperation between the two neighbours. Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Kong Xuanyou said that the summit was a “milestone in relations.”







And this keeping in mind the spirit of the informal summit.




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