No Confidence Motion: Rahul Gandhi’s Hug Makes a Statement Gandhi ended his maiden speech in a no-confidence motion debate by hugging PM Modi


LAWMAKERS began debating the no-confidence motion against the Bharatiya Janata Party-led coalition government in Parliament and Congress Party President Rahul Gandhi’s speech, and his hug, has set the tone for the larger battle in 2019.

Speaker Sumitra Mahajan had accepted the no-confidence motion, a first in 15 years on Wednesday.

The notice for the no-confidence motion was jointly moved by the Congress, Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) on Wednesday with over fifty lawmakers supporting it.

With 273 lawmakers of the BJP and the NDA coalition’s strength at 314 in the 545-member lower house, the government is set to sail through if at all the motion is put to vote.

And with the effective strength of the house now at 533 after some resignations and vacancies, the majority mark in the Lok Sabha is currently at 266.

Speaking for the motion, Gandhi spoke about the policies of the government and how they were not reaching the people and attacked the government on the secrecy around the Rafale jet deal.

“Defence Minister said there is secrecy pact with France on Rafale deal. I personally met President of France and asked him if any such pact existed, he clearly said there is no pact”, Gandhi was quoted saying by news agency ANI.

He went on to refer to the increase in minimum support prices of agricultural produces for farmers, lack of jobs and the incidents of violence against women, Dalits and the minorities.

But the finishing act of his maiden speech in a no-confidence motion debate has been a clear talking point since, stumping many pundits and experts who took to social media to share their views.

“I am a Pappu for you, you can call me names, but I don’t have any anger, hatred or hate for you”, Gandhi said while ending his speech before walking up to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and giving him a hug.

Gandhi’s hug is being seen as a clever ploy by the Congress party to claim the Gandhi Vs. Modi headline. And a clear leadership role for their party president in any grand alliance that the opposition may stitch leading up to the polls due in 2019.

With his hug, ‘Rahul Gandhi’ started trending on Twitter. Videos, memes, and GIFs of the hug flooded the social media platforms, some even taking shots at writing captions, tongue firmly in cheek.

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