Bharat Bandh: Congress-led Call Hits Normal Life, Violence Reported Rahul Gandhi began the Congress-led call for protest against rising fuel prices and depreciating currency from Rajghat


THE CONGRESS party has called for a nationwide shutdown, Bharat Bandh, in protest of rising fuel prices and the depreciating rupee. The Left, too, has separately called for a bandh over the farmer crisis and the issue of unemployment.

The bandh was kickstarted by Congress chief Rahul Gandhi from Rajghat in New Delhi. Congress has claimed that 21 parties, as well as traders’ unions and many chambers of commerce, had also lent their support to the bandh.

In a press conference held Sunday, Ajay Maken, president of the Delhi arm of Congress, called out the Modi government for their inaction against rising fuel prices and falling rupee and urged the Opposition to take part in the bandh.

“Central govt has earned ₹11,00,000 Cr in last 4 years through excise duty on fuel. This money is taken from common man to fill the govt’s coffers,” he said. To counter the rising prices of fuel, Maken asked the government to bring petrol and diesel under GST.

In a multi-pronged approached through a series of press conferences and articles, Congress criticised the Centre for whitewashing the real reason behind rising fuel prices, the damage caused due to demonetisation and inconsistencies in the Rafale deal.

JD(U) leader Sharad Pawar also extended his support to the bandh and raised the issue of increasing attacks against Scheduled Castes (SCs), Scheduled Tribes (STs) and Other Backward Classes (OBCs), Indian Express reported.

Despite the Congress asking for peaceful protests, violence broke out in several parts of India.

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