Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 Long Term Review RE-hab story of a Motorcycle with a Past


IN 2017, when Royal Enfield unveiled the Interceptor 650 in EICMA, it hit the enthusiasts in India at the right spot. Not only was it a sheer surprise but discussions also reached at its peak about its performance and pricing.

Plastic Bikers, as non-RE riders are commonly called, exclaimed how this is will be just another vibrator from RE.

But then, in November 2018, Mr. Sid Lal launched a bomb in Goa which just spoiled the party for many manufacturers including Jawa Motorcycles who was supposed to announce their comeback & was all kitted up to announce the pricing of the two, all new motorcycles they are pinning on, the next morning. The price and the overall build quality of the bike surprised everyone to the level that even in the month of February 2019 they sold 1000 plus interceptors.

As Royal Enfield has been creating lot of buzz around the two new motorcycles – The Interceptor 650 & the Continental GT 650. I too had some positive vibes about the Interceptor and then I took matter into my own hands. What I experienced for the next 1000 kms, is a story to be told.

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

At the heart: Look Maa No Vibrations
Have you ever heard the phrase “Art must take reality by surprise”? If not, then ride an Electra 350, which I am doing since last 6 years. It’s a nice, reliable motorcycle on which I have covered more than 1 lac kilometers. But then, you ride the Interceptor 650. For the first 5 kilometers it will take some time for you to realize that it is a Royal Enfield and not any British twin & then later the magician just takes it over you entirely.

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

The 650 engine is all about torque and zip zap around the city even in 6th gear and say doing just 50-60 kmph. But as they say, do not judge the book by its cover, for speed junkies it will be a treat. It does all those illegal three-digit numbers the way you like it & yes finally a Royal Enfield giving the Duke 390 owners some fight in spite of being around 50 kilograms heavier than the Duke. With 47 PS of power and 52Nm of Torque @ 5250 RPM, the gear shifting is smooth & power delivery is as pleasurable as eating those last traces of Masala Maggi from that vessel.

No, I am not going to talk about engine heating because this is not your regular coriander & chilly shopping bike. Also, spare the beauty and don’t wear a bathroom slipper and ride this wonder.

Can be an everyday Bike?
Yes & No both.

Yes, because it is a bike which you can ride to your office daily, the engine is not rowdy, and the refinement is quite great. Overall, during city rides and bumper to bumper traffic I have managed a mileage of around 28 kmpl and a litre or two extra on the highways, with a fuel tank of 14 liters. Of the 900 kms I have spent with the bike; the tires always had my confidence, though I am yet to get a taste of them in wet conditions. The ABS definitely helped me to survive few closed one on the highway & I am still alive to pen my experience with you all.

Royal Enfield Interceptor 650

Overall the build quality is near perfect, except few small things like the headlight should have been more powerful, the fuel gauge acts really funny sometimes, even funnier than my bank balance and of course I expect better rear-view mirrors for the bike in the next facelift Royal Enfield comes up with.

Why No, because who wears an Armani suit every day to office plus if you have your lady love as your pillion then I think either your job or your love needs to change. Trust me, I think Job still is easy an option. The rear seat is not the most enjoyable place in this motorcycle, short burst city rides is still ok but on long highway stretches you will need lot of breaks or it will break, (read between the lines)

By the time you are reading my report I have already booked the Interceptor 650 Ravishing Red, as they say “Expect nothing. Live frugally on surprise”.

(Argho Ajay Mukherji has been writing on motorcycles, travel & food for over 5 years now. His passion for motorcycles has taken him all across the country and when not riding he loves to cook, visit new eateries and read poetry by Gulzar.
Someday he wants to ride on the Isle of Man TT Circuit.)




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