Jeep Compass Limited Long Term Review: The Perfect SUV for the City SUV’s in India are generally not fully utilised to their potential, this is true for 90% of the users.


AT the very start of 2019, carmakers in India have already launched a plethora of SUV’s. Each in their own little sweet way has been trying to compete with the American legend that’s been on Indian roads, Jeep Compass. A recent example has been that of the Ford Endeavour, which the company says is new, but it’s just a mid cycle facelift to boost their dwindling sales numbers domestically.

Mahindra did introduce the much awaited Alturus, but folks have not been confident with the quality of fit and finish the vehicle has to offer, and finally at the starting lineup is the Tata Harrier, that well is just all about looks. So where does this stack the Jeep Compass, in an already crowdedSUV segment?

We have been driving the Jeep Compass for about two months now and the version of the vehicle that we have been driving around is the Limited (O) 4X4 variant. This is now the second to top variant of the vehicle, with FCA introducing the Jeep Limited Plus in India that comes with additional features like a sunroof and new alloys with much more.

However we were more interested in the one that has been in India for almost two years now and intrigued the fantasies of many SUV enthusiast in the nation. So, how has our experience been with the Compass after 2000 kms of just city driving?

SUV’s in India are generally not fully utilised to their potential, this is true for 90% of the users. In India, many people buy SUV’s because of poor road conditions and also as a power symbol. The bigger the SUV the more powerful you are. Take the example of the Mahindra Scorpio, in many aspects it cannot be even considered as a true bred SUV, nonetheless it finds many takers. This is not the case with the Jeep Compass. The Jeep Compass is a practical SUV.

Jeep Compass

It can seat 5-people easily and gives you ample amount of boot space. Unlike the non-practical one’s like the XUV 500, Ford Endeavour that do give you seven seats but not a flat bed boot space at the expense of those 7 passengers. Priced at almost Rs 26.31 lakh on-road in Delhi the Jeep Compass is also not exactly a budget SUV.

In terms of design there is no doubt that the Jeep Compass is a looker. It is a vehicle that grabs a lot of attention on the road and its presence is also a head turning one. This cannot be said for other competitors that it has in this price segment.

The only reason you notice a Ford endeavour is because of its size and also when in traffic it adds to the annoyance of motorists, however, a Jeep Compass in traffic is something of a delight to watch even if the driver of it is blocking you way.

In our first report fo 2000 Kms we wanted to test the Compass only in the city. No highway driving, no off-roading. The reason? Well for 90% of the time the owners of Jeep Compass will see themselves driving it only in the city for the commute and shopping trips.

So we wanted to experience it. The 1956cc diesel motor on the Compass is a delight to have. Reasons that we like it is because it is a low-revving engine that can almost not be heard inside the cabin of the vehicle.

To add to it the 350nm of torque is suitable to make you feel excited whenever you find empty stretches of road within city limits. Also, the 171 horse power that this motor produces is more than enough for city driving conditions.

Also, the Compass comes with 6-speed manual transmission. During city driving, you’ll hardly use the overdrive 6th gear on the Compass, the reason is that it glides within traffic. Also, since it is a low-revving engine you’ll hardly need to shif gears in traffic, simply because the coasting abilities on the Compass is more than enough for it to move at low speeds within the city.

However all this niceness does come at a cost. The Jeep Compass offers a high travelling clutch that’s also at the stiffer side of things. So, you’ll really need to learn how the Compass behaves and adjust your driving dynamics according to the vehicle.

Jeep Compass

If you have been driving a Japanese or a German vehicle before the Compass, you might even get stalls while shifting gears at low speeds. This is a behaviour that takes time to adjust too, but once you are all set, you’ll love the driving experience of the Compass and all other SUV’s will just feel sub par to you.

During our testing the Jeep Compass also was able to return us a fuel efficiency north of 14 km/l.

This was impressive since we drove it mostly within the Delhi traffic at peak traffic hours and even did those 2-3 hour commutes from Noida to Gurgaon. The Compass impressed us with the fuel efficiency data and it is pocket friendly at least in this department.

Since we drive it only in the city during our first testing phase, we did not use any of its 4X4 abilities and it’s terrain management system at all times was just set to Auto.

We do however will get you a second part wherein we’ll test the off-roading capabilities and even the highway experience on the Jeep Compass in our next edition. We’ll also talk about the quality of the fit and finish that the Compass offers and even the cabin experience on Otuslive, so stay tuned for our next report on our long term review of the Jeep Compass.

Key Specifications: Jeep Compass, Limited (O)
Length: 4395 mm
Width: 1818 mm
Height: 1640 mm
Seating Capacity: 5
Displacement: 1956 cc
Fuel: Diesel
Max Power: 171 bhp
Max Torque: 350NM
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Fuel Efficiency: 17.1 km/l (Claimed)
Drivetrain: AWD
Airbags: 6
Boot Space: 438 Litres
Fuel Tank: 60 Litres
Price: 21.99 Lakh (Ex-showroom, New Delhi)




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