BMW Extends Service Support for Flood-affected Customers in Mumbai BMW India advises customers not to attempt to re-start the engine of a flood-affected stalled vehicle to avoid damage


BMW India has announced special aftersales support for flood-affected BMW customers in Mumbai area.

The company announced that a special task force of certified technicians and service advisors has been deployed at various service points for a wide variety of comprehensive checks to bring vehicles back on roads.

BMW India has also prioritized ordering of all spare parts for Mumbai dealership workshops to support flood-affected vehicles while off-the-shelf arrangements are also being made for parts supply over the counter as needed.

The torrential rainfall in Mumbai and surrounding areas recently is alarming due to flooding of low lying areas in the city. We stand with our customers in meeting any challenges they might have to face due to inclement weather conditions. BMW India has taken special steps to ensure that its customers receive prompt response to their service and insurance requirements. A special task force is monitoring the situation on a real-time basis and we are closely coordinating with our dealer partners to ensure a hassle-free service experience for our customers.

– Mr. Vikram Pawah, President, BMW Group India

Additionally, BMW has also put out a complimentary Road Side Assistance in action to assist with towing operations in the city for BMW vehicles affected due to flooding.

The company claims that the lead-time for various service repairs has also been reduced with additional technical resources, service consultants and dedicated CRM staff for keeping the customers informed on the repair status.

In regards to the insurance process, both BMW Authorized dealers and BMW India have arranged daily visits of surveyors of both BMW partnered and non-BMW collaborated insurance companies. This will provide ground support for faster assessment and processing of insurance formalities.

BMW India has also urged its customers to be cautious while driving during heavy rains and around waterlogged areas. Customers are advised not to attempt to re-start the engine of a stalled vehicle to avoid damages to engine.




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